Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students to explore their passions, build skills, and make a sustainable income in a field they’re passionate about. 

we believe in:


When you make a donation to a non-profit, foundation, or philanthropy, you rarely meet the human who benefits from it. 100% of every donation is paid directly to educational institutions, on behalf Scholars. Donating feels much better when you know where your money is going.

Eliminating Barriers

Traditional scholarships select students based on academic merit (GPAs and ACT/SAT scores). Our approach to selecting Scholars is primarily focused on attributes opposed to academic merit. While academics are important, low income students may face challenges outside the classroom that interfere with their ability to crush it in the classroom. 


We believe that alternative education can position graduates closer to a sustainable living than the traditional college path. Scholars are empowered to choose their own path. We provide support, connections, and guidance along the way.


To ensure Friendly Scholars stick with their educational pursuits, we surround them with a supportive community. We distribute scholarships to cohorts of students, so Scholars can support one another as they work to make their dreams reality.